6 Different ways to apply foundation

these are the ways to apply foundation & how exactly to use them:

pump a little foundation on the back of your hand then according to which tool you will be using follow these simple instructions for the best possible results:

  1. Foundation brush

Apply foundation to the center of your face and sweep upwards towards your hairline for a seemless finish. i recommend the MAC 190 foundation brush.


2. Flat Kabuki brush:

Dab the foundation on your face in dotting manner then buff gently into small circles to blot it evently on your face. It gives an airbrush flawless look. I am using the sigma F80 and it never failed me. i love it.


3. Tooth brush looking brush:

apply into circular motions from the center of your face outwards. it gives an airbrush look.



4. Beauty blender:

dampen with water then dab the foundation onto your face for sheer coverage. this is my go to/ everyday method of applying foundation.


5. The silicone blender:

Good alternative to beauty blender allows you to get the most out of your foundation as it does not absorb any of it. used the same way as beauty blender. gives dewy finish.


6. Fingertips:

Pump a little foundation on your clean fingertips, dab it on your face & distribute it evenly.

tell me what is your favorite method to apply foundation and what is your favorite brush and which brand.

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