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today i will share with you all of the HUDA BEAUTY goodies i got on my last trip to sephora.

but first i will tell you about HUDA BEAUTY history in brief. it is a cosmetic company founded by Huda Kattan, an American/ Iraqi makeup artist, beauty blogger, influencer & entrepreneur.

Kattan was born in1983 in oklahoma, her parents were iraqis living in the states, she is one of four sisters. Kattan graduated from Michigan university where she majored in finance. she studied makeup artistry in LA.

in 2010 kattan started a wordpress beauty blog called HUDA BEAUTY on which she posted makeup tutorials & tips.

in 2013 she founded her own cosmetic line, which was named after her blog: HUDA BEAUTY, her first product launched was a series of false lashes released through sephora. her line achived success & her lashes are famously worn by Kim Kardashian.

her company is based in dubai. later HUDA BEAUTY offered other beauty products like foundations, pallettes, lipsticks.


now it is time to dig in my sephora bag to see what is inside.

i got an amazing foundation called faux filter. it provides full matte coverage.


i also got 2 gorgeous mini eye shadow pallets:

mauve obsession


and coral obsession


HUDA BEAUTY lip pencil & matte lipstick in the shades gossip gurl, bombshell & crush


that’s it for today’s post. thank you for reading.

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Summer time skin care routine

Hey beauties. I want to share with you a skin care routine that i am following since the beginning of April. I highly recommend this routine, it left my skin amazing, glowing and free from breakouts.

I start by cleaning the makeup off my face by Cetaphil gentle makeup removing wipes


let me tell you a trick, for easier clean face i put some liquid makeup remover on the wipe


Then i wash my face with cetaphil daily facial cleanser. Mild yet very effective cleanser. One of the best i have tried.


I apply the cleanser and rub it around my face in circular motion using the Braun face cleansing brush. It is a great exfoliater. Remember to change the brush head itself very 3 months.


Finally i hydrate my face using the cetaphil moisturizing lotion for the night time,


Or the one with SPF 50 for the day time.


I got the cetaphil products from Boots Pharmacy. You can invest you money into one of these facial cleasing brushes, they are really doing the trick. I got mine as an offer when i bought the silkepil 9 epilator. i really liked it. it is suitable for daily use.


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I hope you enjoyed my blogpost.


Sephora haul

Hey all I wanna share with you what I purchased from Sephora today. Today I went to the newest Sephora branch at al Kout mall , kuwait. Initially I went to get myself a new beauty blender, i ended up with a bag full of goodies. My money was well spent.


Lip pencil + liquid matte lipstick + lip strobe

OUAI haircare wave spray

For beach wave summer look. It is not greasy and it smelled great.

OUAI haircare texturing hair spray

It actually works and gives volume to my hair. Applied same was as dry shampoo.

Tony Molly

So cool eye cream

Tony Molly

Banana hand milk

This was my first time trying Korean beauty products. I liked the packaging, so cute and creative I felt compelled to try.

That’s all for today’s blog post. I hope you liked it.

What is did you get from Sephora lately? Would you like to share with us you favorite products?

My favorite Victoria secret fragrances

Hi all, today i wanted to share with you the best Victoria secret fragrances in my humble opinion. I particularly love the roll on that can fit info my purse whenever i like to refresh.

  1. Bombshell


2. Angle


3. Tease


4. Love


That is all for today’s blog post. Have you tried any of them? what is your favorite fragrance? Would you recommend one that you really liked and want me to try?

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My favorite Maybelline products

Hey girls, today i am sharing with you my favorite Maybelline products. this is a full look using only MAYBELLINE products.

  1. Baby skin primer


2. Age rewind concaeler


3. Fit Me foundation


4. Fit me concaeler


5. Fit me powder


6. Master contour V by face studio


7. The 24 K eye shadow palette



8. Master blush by face studio


9. Vivid matte liquid lipstick


10. the Colossal kajal eyeliner


11. Master precise liquid eyeliner


12. Las sensation mascara



What are your favorite maybelline products? I love to know about it in the comment section down below.

Are you living in kuwait and running out of a makeup product? Boots Kuwait has an offer buy two get one free on Maybelline. hurry before the offer ends.

Bath and body works body nourishing oils, review

Are you having a bad day? Are you having a trouble falling asleep? Are you looking for relaxation? Need a boost of your mood or your sense of well being? Well, i have a solution for you. It is called aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils for improving physical and psychological well being. There a different methods of application of essential oils: topical application, massages, inhalation, or water immersion.

In this review i will be focising on Bath and Body works nourshing body oils applied through massaging.

All of the massage oils are light weighted, quick absorbing, nourishing and softening the skin. This is so convenient, everybody appreciate hydrated nourished skin without feeling and looking greasy.

All of them have a subtle scent. This is actually perfect for me, i do not like intense aromas, specially when it comes to a product that i will be applying on my skin.

And each of them claims a certain effect and purpose.


here is a list of massage oils i used and recommend you to try.


This formula contains: Lavender oil which inspires tranquility. And Cedarwood oil which helps clearing the mind. For best results it should be applied at bedtime.

Stress relief

This formula contains eucalyptus which clears the mind and spearmint, an essential oil that uplifts.


This formula also contains Eucalyptus in addition to tea. For best results it should be applied early in the morning.


This formula containing bergamot oil which creats a sense of well being and mandarine oil which helps improving the mood. for massaging anytime during the day when you need a mood boost.


This formula contains vanilla which calms the mind and encourages relaxation and patchouli oil which creates a sense of harmony. it is recommended to use at bedtime.

After applying these massage oils it is advised to breathe deeply for the best possible benefit

I hope you liked today post. have you tried any of these? tell me about your experience with massage oils.

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Top 5 highliters for fair skin

hi loves. i will start by explaining in brief the process of contouring & highlighting.

Contouring is a technique that uses cosmetics to define, enhance & sculpt certain areas of the face using a warm color that is 2 shades darker from the natural skin color. it is usually applied in the hollow of the cheeks, sides of the nose and temples.

highlighting is a technique that uses cosmetics to enhance and bring attention to certain areas of the face using light catching colors. usually applied to the top of the cheeks, tip of the nose and cupid bow.

Highliters give you healthy glowing look when you apply them over or under your makeup. They make your best facial features pop. If you apply them correctly your face will look more radiant and angelic. Highters can come in different textures: pressed powder, liquid and creamy.

This is a list of my favorite highlighters for fair skin that i tried and liked alot.

  1. Champagne pop by Becca cosmetics


2. Soft and gentle by Mac cosmetics


3. Mary-Lou manizer by the Balm cosmetics


3. High beam by benifit cosmetics


5. Watt’s up by the Benefit cosmetics


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. And now please share with me your favorite highlighters in the comment box down below. Do you recommend a particular highlighter for me to try?

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